Embracing Every Roll: What it means to Love your Postpartum Body

To the Supermom who feels like her body isn’t so super…

I know we live in a society that glamourizes the ability moms have to “bounce back” or look like they didn’t give birth four weeks ago. I hate that, don’t you? Why is it such a big deal if we all don’t look like Beyonce two weeks after we birth a human? What do you think happens to a woman’s mental state when everyone “snaps backs” except her?

This year, I want to see more women embracing the body that now holds extra sag and stretch marks. I want to see more women acknowledging that they went up two pants sizes. Look, we have the power to change our bodies however we please! Eating healthy, staying active every day, and truly taking care of the place that was once home to our babies is so important for reasons far beyond looking good in a bikini. BUT… I want to see more women love themselves through all of these stages. This is something I struggled with. Most people will see me and say I look great. I appreciate that, I really do. And right now, I’m more confident than ever in my skin, even as I work to achieve my goal physique. This wasn’t always the case, though…


The way my stomach flabs over unless I wear spanx, the way the cellulite in my thighs show when I wear certain work pants, the way my dark stretch marks peek out when I’m not being 100% mindful of the shirt I’m wearing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has bothered me since the beginning of my postpartum journey. But why should it? I just carried a HUMAN! Do we ever stop to really consider the fact that we’re mentally shaming a body that created another one? It’s almost embarrassing when I stop to think about how many days I would grow frustrated with myself because clothes from 2017 no longer fit me.

I have been on a health journey that I just started to take seriously, both physically and nutritionally. But, I always have to remind women that I am not on this journey because I hate how I look, although that’s why I originally started months ago. Maybe that’s why I was never able to stick to it… my heart wasn’t in it for the right reasons. I am on this journey because I know I’m capable of living a healthier lifestyle. I need to set an example to my child on the importance of caring for your body by drinking water, eating clean, and keeping your body active.

I now completely embrace my rolls, stretch marks, thick thighs, and slight double chin. I choose to believe Jayden already knew he wouldn’t always be by my side, so he chose to leave me with some extra cushion as a reminder that he is always with me. I decided to have this photo shoot in light of my birthday because I truly do love who I see in these photos. This woman is confident, beautiful, sexy, and most importantly, a light to others. I didn’t anticipate that my rolls would show, but that made me even happier when I saw them. That’s who I am. I may never see a day where rolls don’t exist on my body, but I no longer feel the need to it hide behind an oversized sweater.

I really wanted to write a post before I embark on my fitness journey because I plan to document it and bring my followers along, and the last thing I want this to be interpreted as is discontent for how I look. This is a lifestyle change I’m taking myself on. 

My wish is for everyone to see the body that created life and be in complete admiration of it.

What’s your favorite part of your postpartum body? Comment below!

“How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt the dancing of life from inside your womb?” – Amethyst Joy

Adrienne Joseph