Supermom Life Update: I'm BACK!

Supermoms! Oh, how I’ve missed writing you ladies! I feel like it’s been forever, and in a sense, it has been. A lot has changed in my life, requiring me to reevaluate how I prioritize my personal goals & hobbies. To be completely honest, I’ve been too exhausted to do that re-evaluation until now. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know we recently celebrated Dear Supermom’s one year anniversary, and reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram back last month! Can you even believe that?! I still can’t. 

This felt like the perfect time to hop on a blog post & catch up with what’s been going on and what’s to come, so… shall we?


About two months ago, I started a new job that has provided a boat load of clarity on what I want for my future. Most people who follow me don’t know what I actually do, so I figured I’d give a brief overview. I’ve been working in the medical field for about three years, transitioning from direct patient care to finance. By complete and utter coincidence, I was given the opportunity to move into the administrative field and I am absolutely loving it. 


Working mom-guilt has multiplied with this job, and here’s why: Although it physically hurts me to miss out on so many moments with my son, I am also extremely proud of the life I’ve dedicated time to building for myself in the work field. I’m not sure what the fix for that is, or if there even is one, but I’m making the best out of our new circumstances. With this new job comes more hours away from home than I ever intended as a mother, mainly due to traveling. Free time during the work week is now dedicated to toddler-bonding, giving us about three hours between my arrival home and his bedtime. I’ve really been able to cherish my Sunday prep, which allows me to solely worry about my son, rather than dinner, picking out outfits, and prepping bags. I could say so much, but to simply put it... the working-mom life is truly a bittersweet rollercoaster


I’ve been extremely transparent regarding my personal journey with therapy and how much I encourage it! Unfortunately, my first therapist went out on leave during last year’s holiday season, and it took me a while to willingly open up to someone new (attachment issues). I finally gave in, met someone new, & absolutely adored her. Sadly, her work availability didn't love me back.

With this job transition (that also comes with an insurance transition), I’ve taken a break from seeking therapy. Although my Postpartum Depression has subsided immensely, I’ve found having an unbiased voice to confide to be extremely healthy. With that being said, I will begin searching for a new therapist come this summer. For now, The Office reruns, a glass of my favorite Moscato, and a vent session with my gal pals or boyfriend will do.


When it comes to Dear Supermom, I’ve had to reconsider what I want to do when it comes to content, and that hasn’t been easy. There’s nothing I love more than creating content that is relatable and comforting, and I will never stop. However… I realize I can also offer content that is helpful to the new mama — let’s call these the Supermom hacks

I understand (more than most will care to admit) that not every child sleeps through the night or indulges in independent play effortlessly by twelve months. I’ve also come to realize that 85% of the content created by mom-bloggers are tailored for the moms who seem to have all of those things under control well before the first year approaches. I have yet to find one blog that didn’t make me feel like a total failure.

So I decided to create one. 

Moving forward, you’ll find content for the mom who has a hard time with sleep-training, and is hanging on to the edge of a bed, while their 15-month old kicks them in the stomach all night; content for the mom who needs affordable every day clothing for their toddler; content for the mom who has no idea what to pack in a diaper bag now that their little one doesn’t require SO much during one trip to Target… and that’s just to name a few!

I truly appreciate the mamas who have continuously supported me during my blogging hiatus. Every Instagram post share, every shout out, every conversation held about what I do… it has allowed me to connect and reach more women in a year than I thought was possible. So, thank you one million times over. I’m so excited to come back and share content that truly resonates with women near and far. And before the end of this year, I will most certainly be creating the opportunity to connect with you all in-person (stay tuned!) 

Sending one million hugs,

Supermom Adrienne