Let’s Get Organized: Organization for the Momprenuer

Hey Supermoms!

It is 2019, can you believe that?! 2018 was easily the quickest year of my life and I know that’s all due to watching a little human grow right before my eyes. I also turn 25 years old in 4 more days and I’m f r e a k i n g out! 

For today’s post, I will be providing a detailed blog on what an actual week looks like for me as a momprenuer, in hopes to help you become more organized. This includes how I make time for my aspiring business and education, how I handle my rest and recovery, a glimpse into my planner for the week, and what my day-to-day looks like. My journey from having no type of set routine and blaming it on my son not sleeping through the night, to being so organized that I schedule in “do nothing” time, came with A LOT of trial and error. Now that I’ve found a regimen that works for me, I want to share it with you!


Sunday is my true reset and reflect day (I don’t just say that for the videos, ha-ha). I look at everything I was supposed to accomplish last week and take into account everything I didn’t get to do, what I’m ahead of schedule on, and where I can squeeze in some me-time. This may be excessive to most people, but this has been the only way I’ve been able to be so consistent with my content lately!

So let’s get into the actual breakdown!


Motherhood & Home Organization

I’ve already told you that I plan all of Jayden and I’s outfits for the entire week, and I also told you I held myself accountable for meal prepping. Now… when I tell you that second part was a LIE, I mean it was a LIE. I actually really suck at meal prepping. I like to make bigger dinners on Sundays because it’s the one time I can actually spend my time on cooking. The thought of doing a big Sunday dinner and then meal prepping breakfast and lunch for 3 days just sounds like a headache. Bless all of you mamas who do that with ease! I decided to instill a practice of meal planning instead, which I will be trying out this upcoming week. Meal planning is deciding what I’ll actually be cooking beforehand and I’m hoping this works better for two reasons:

  1. Saves me the time in deciding in the morning when I’m probably already rushing out the door.

  2. Cost efficient when food shopping by saving me money on buying products that I won’t use and will go bad sitting in the refrigerator.

Outfit-planning and packing Jayden’s bag ahead of time has absolutely been a lifesaver, though! For Jayden, I pick out a main outfit, a change of clothes, shoes and even pajamas for each weekday. For myself, I pick out my outfit and shoes for each weekday. This doesn’t take more than thirty minutes and I usually get it done while Jayden eats lunch so that he’s occupied.

I designate Saturday mornings to cleaning my entire home, because dedicating each day of the week to a different duty, something I previously attempted, was so much harder than I anticipated. I would plan for my day on an hour-to-hour basis, not considering those last-minute errands or emergencies that always come when you’re a parent.

I also subconsciously make sure I’m carving out designated time to spend with Jayden daily. I had a conversation recently with a friend about how I feel as though Jayden doesn’t do well with independent play. Although we do plenty to encourage him, one thing she pointed out was that my inconsistency may play a huge part into this. There are days that I come home and completely dedicate my evening to playing with him, while there are also many days that I come home, put toys by my feet and expect him to know that mommy has to cook dinner and work on business. So although I don’t write in my planner, “Tend to Jayden”, I make sure to stick to a fairly structured routine on my day-to-day.

Platform Organization
 As for my content, I plan it down to the T. I use the app PLANN, which allows me to pre-plan my Instagram posts for specific dates and times. I’m able to store the coinciding hashtags and set notification reminders, as well. Being that I do work during regular business hours, I made a habit of not scrolling through apps during this time, where I would be looking for content and inspiration. I usually set aside one hour on Sunday to plan for Monday-Wednesday, and one hour on Wednesday to plan for Thursday to Sunday. Of course, if I come up with new ideas, I can always rearrange the posts beforehand; this has just been such a time-saver for me!

When it comes to balancing Dear Supermom and Honest Womanhood, a YouTube channel with my dear friend, Bee-Serene Photography, it comes with intricate planning. We have decided to dedicate one day in the beginning of each month to brainstorm topics, and set recording and posting dates. This take away the huge hassle of looking for people to watch our sons’ last minute. For the blog, I spend about two hours free-writing on a planned day, then I will go back a few days later to edit and save as a scheduled draft. The beauty of technology these days is how much we can take off our own shoulders and allow a computer to finalize the details for us. I take full advantage of being able to set when my blog will go public, and this has left my over-analyzing mind at ease because I used to have the tendency to keep reading my work until I believe there’s something wrong with it.

Me-Time Organization
 I really want to take my fitness more seriously this year, and I plan to bring you mamas along this journey with me on what I will refer to as my “best health year ever” *Organic Olivia voice*. What I began doing is writing in my planner the days I’m available to go to the gym. The physical act of going is something I’m still working on, ha-ha. But I do want to make the conscious effort to sticking to my word and abiding by my planner better. So below, you’ll see the days I’m available to get in the gym for at least 45-minutes. I plan to be super honest with you all because I have the biggest tendency to blame motherhood on why I don’t go (even though my gym has a kid-friendly play area).

As far as planning my free-time… let’s talk about this for a minute, mamas. I can see how ridiculous this may sound and I always get the “Girl, you’re crazy” look when I tell people I do this. But as a mother, giving myself free time has been the biggest challenge for myself. It is SO easy to bring ourselves to burnout without even thinking about it. From the time I wake up at 5:30am, I am in mom and work mode, and that doesn’t stop until I close my eyes. If I allow myself, I can go well past seven straight days of this and I’ve realized how much that contributes to my lack of patience, my low energy and my (quite honestly) bitchy mood. So at least twice a week, I make sure I block off time that either involves me hanging out with my girlfriends, or sitting on my couch doing absolutely nothing outside of binge-watching my favorite shows. I really want to be an example to people that the “no days off” mentality is so much more detrimental than they realize. 

I can definitely be called anal in how I choose to conduct my life, but it’s the only way I have felt like I’ve gained some control back. I no longer double-book myself, I rarely feel burned out, and I’m able to focus on specific tasks with no other distractions. 
I truly hope this has helped at least one mother in starting off this New Year with better organization intentions, allowing you to prioritize yourself better. What are some ways that you organize your week? Comment below!

Adrienne Joseph